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Established in 1629, Saugus, MA, is a historic community located about 10 miles north of Boston, along the North Shore. This Boston suburb has a population of around 28,500 people, and our community encompasses about 11 square miles of Massachusetts beauty. Between spring and fall, residents will experience an increase in mosquito and tick activity due to rising temperatures and an increase in moisture. When this happens, look no further than Mosquito Busters.

Our superior Essex County pest control will address the pesky seasonal invaders that you encounter and that keep you from enjoying your home. We are experts in pest biology and behavior, so the products and methods that we implement are designed to provide comprehensive coverage and produce reliable results.

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Residential Mosquito Control In Saugus

a mosquito biting human skin

Mosquitoes loiter around Saugus homes waiting for someone to walk by so they can bite them. They do this because the female requires a blood meal in order to reproduce. What this leaves you with is an inability to enjoy your outdoor property for a significant part of the year. At Mosquito Busters, we know that doesn’t have to be the case. We are a locally-owned company with extensive industry experience, so we’re intimately familiar with the mosquitoes and landscape that we treat.

Our process begins with one of our Mosquito Busters performing a detailed property assessment, at which point we look at harborage areas, any standing water, conducive conditions, and around decks to determine if mosquitoes are nesting there or if they could become an issue. We then apply two treatments; one is to create a barrier around your property and the other is to treat standing water. We typically recommend treatments every three weeks; however, we offer one-time services for special events as well.

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Residential Tick Control In Saugus

Saugus residents encounter ticks as a regular part of their daily routine between springtime and the late fall. While these pests are not always capable of spreading harmful pathogens, they need to be treated like they might be. They’re also difficult to prevent, which is why Mosquito Busters is here to help. As a locally-owned business, we are dedicated to keeping our community safe from these harmful pests, and with our background in pest biology, we have the knowledge to handle ticks effectively.

We begin your customer journey by providing a meticulous inspection of your yard so that we can locate where ticks are breeding and the conditions that attract them. Our Mosquito Busters will provide you with non-pesticide methods that you can implement between visits to reduce the presence of ticks. Next, we apply our treatments to hot spots on a regular basis during the season to drastically reduce tick populations.

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How To Keep Your Pets Safe From American Dog Ticks On Your Saugus Lawn

The American dog tick is a common species of tick in the Saugus area and it can pose a serious health risk to your pets, with its ability to transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, canine tick paralysis, and tularemia. In order to keep your pets protected from these issues, try these tips:

  • To start, if your animals spend time outside, consider speaking with a veterinarian about year-round tick and flea control.
  • Always inspect your pets before they come inside the house. Ticks tend to attach themselves to the underarms, neck area, and around the ears.
  • Limit wildlife and rodent populations around your home by storing trash securely, using motion sensor items, and setting up decoy animals.
  • Keep your lawn tidy by mowing it constantly to a short length, getting rid of debris like leaf piles, trimming back hedges, and don’t overwater your plants.
  • Work with a pest control professional for seasonal tick treatments.

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Why The Aedes Vexans Mosquito Is So Dangerous To Have Around Your Saugus Home

The Aedes vexans mosquito in Saugus is also known as the inland floodwater mosquito and it is very prevalent in the Saugus area. Residents can identify it by its black and white banded abdomen; however, it is primarily known for its painful and incessant biting habits. In addition to its annoying behavior, this pest also poses a potential health threat to both you and your pets. It is capable of spreading the pathogens that lead to West Nile virus in humans as well as heartworm in dogs. The Aedes vexans is also associated with Rift Valley fever in some communities.

At Mosquito Busters, we provide seasonal mosquito control that addresses a wide variety of mosquito species to make your daily life safer and more enjoyable. We treat hot spots and breeding sites on a regular basis during the season in order to drastically reduce the mosquito populations around your property. For more information on these services, please contact us today. 


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