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Portsmouth, New Hampshire is one historic place with architecture and cultural traditions that date back to the seventeenth century. This, and its location along the New England coastline, means it’s a popular tourist destination. But human activity and proximity to the water also mean something else: pest problems. To keep your property safe from invasive species attracted by the food, moisture, and shelter they can find there, it’s important not to wait to get started on proper pest control.

Why Professional Mosquito Control Is A Great Investment For Your Portsmouth Backyard

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Mosquitoes are some of the worst pests to have in your yard. Not only are they annoying with their constant buzzing, but they are also parasites that bite people in order to feed on our blood. It’s these kinds of behaviors that make mosquitoes some of the most dangerous pests to invade your property. Here’s are some specifics as to why:

  • Disease: Because they are parasites, mosquitoes can spread diseases and are known as some of the worst vectors or transmission points of some of the world’s nastiest viruses.
  • Proliferation: Mosquitoes also spawn in large numbers, meaning a few bugs in your yard can easily turn into a much larger population.
  • Other Pests: As one pest takes over a yard, other pests are attracted to the area to hunt them or take advantage of the favorable conditions. This is why it’s essential to deal with pest problems right away.

For true protection from mosquitoes in your Portsmouth yard, turn to Mosquito Busters today.

What The Experts Have to Say About Tick Control Outside Portsmouth Homes

Ticks are another common type of parasite to plague local properties. Unlike mosquitoes, they can’t fly. But ticks can still get around by clinging to people’s hair, skin, and clothing or our pets. Plus, they can commonly invade yards and wait for people to wander past. Once ticks are around, they’ll bite you and feed on your blood, just like other parasites. That’s why it’s important to learn what professionals can teach you about ticks and the very real threat they pose.

  • Common: Ticks aren’t just a pest that you can encounter out in the wilderness. They will also invade yards and homes. So, if you aren’t careful, you can easily introduce them to your property without even realizing it.
  • Diseases: Ticks are known to carry diseases, most notably Lyme Disease. This is a serious illness that can lead to worsening symptoms.
  • Treatments: The best way to make sure ticks aren’t around your property is with professional treatments.

For the best protection against ticks, call the experts at Mosquito Busters.

What Do Lone Star Ticks Look Like In Portsmouth, NH?

One particular type of tick to be on the lookout for is the lone star tick, which is common in New Hampshire. Like other ticks, they feed on people and animals to get the nutrients in our blood. And, just like other pests, they can be a big problem if left untreated. Here’s how you can identify lone star ticks:

  • Size: They tend to be a bit larger on average than the other common type of tick, the deer tick. However, all ticks are incredibly small, making them difficult to detect and easy to miss.
  • Shape: Ticks are circular and look similar to spiders or tiny crabs, with feet that splay out in all directions. A unique feature of ticks is their front jaws, which are narrow and pointed so they can pierce the skin.
  • Color: Lone star ticks get their name from the single white spot on the backs of females. Males, on the other hand, have a dark lattice pattern on their backs. Both genders tend to have amber, reddish-brown coloration.

Don’t wait to deal with ticks on your Portsmouth property. Rather than trying to identify and deal with them on your own, turn to the experts who can safely and quickly eliminate them from your property. Contact Mosquito Busters to get started today.

Do The Mosquitoes In Portsmouth Carry Any Diseases?

One of the things that makes mosquitoes such dangerous pests is that they are uniquely able to spread diseases. In fact, most new pandemics are zoonotic, meaning they originate in an animal species and then jump to humans. One of the most common ways for this transmission to happen is through a mosquito bite. That’s why these flying parasites are more than just annoying; they are carriers of some of the nastiest diseases around. Here are just some of the conditions that mosquitoes spread:

  • Malaria: One of the more severe diseases to plague mankind, malaria may be curable, but it’s still no fun. Malaria is a disease that attacks the blood cells in your body, causes severe fatigue, fever, and chills.
  • Ebola: Another nasty disease known for its pandemic proportions a few years ago, ebola is capable of causing serious internal bleeding and even death.
  • West Nile Virus: You’ve got to go back to several pandemics in order to remember when West Nile was the dangerous disease of the day. While it’s decidedly milder than the other illnesses on this list, it’s still a nasty virus that you'll want to avoid.

Protecting your property from mosquitoes is really about protecting against all these health problems. Protect your home the right way by contacting Mosquito Busters today.


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