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Although vastly different pests, one similarity between mosquitoes and ticks is their ability to make a backyard unbearable; after all, no one wants to spend time in a yard where they are at risk of being bitten or transmitting a dangerous blood-borne disease. That’s why North Reading, MA property owners need mosquito and tick control options they can count on to limit these harmful pests around their yards.

When it comes to effective mosquito and tick control, there’s none better than the professionals here at Mosquito Busters. We offer both all-natural and traditional solutions to ensure your property is free of ticks and mosquitoes in a manner with which you are comfortable. Give us a call today to learn more about our mosquito and tick control services.

North Reading’s Guide To Effective Mosquito Control

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When it comes to keeping mosquitoes out of your North Reading yard, you need to address any factors that might attract them to property in the first place, such as removing areas of standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. To make your property less hospitable to mosquitoes, you should:

  • Fill in low-lying areas on your property.

  • Keep gutters free of debris.

  • Store containers upside down.

  • Keep your lawn well-maintained.

  • Refrain from overwatering your lawn.

For more advice or assistance with the mosquitoes around your North Reading property, contact the professionals here at Mosquito Busters. Our trained Busters have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to deal with any mosquito issues you may be facing. Contact us today to learn more.

Mosquito Prevention Techniques For North Reading Yards

When mosquitoes swarm yards, they often come in seemingly endless numbers, the buzz around obnoxiously, and they can bite. Therefore, if you want to make your yard less hospitable to mosquitoes, you need to know the effective preventative steps you can take.

  • Remove all areas of standing water, including low-lying areas or containers that collect rain as well as clogged gutters.

  • Keep your lawn cut short at all times.

  • Do not let vegetation overgrow.

  • Do not overwater your lawn.

For effective mosquito control solutions in North Reading, MA, you should also partner with Mosquito Busters. We offer reliable mosquito control solutions that you can count on to limit mosquito populations around your property. Give us a call today to learn more.

Five Reasons To Choose Pro Tick Control In North Reading

There aren’t many things more disturbing than finding a tick somewhere on your body. However, it only gets worse if you picked up that tick in your backyard. That’s why you need effective tick control solutions to ensure your property is free of these unwanted pests. There’s no substitute for professional tick services from Mosquito Busters when it comes to effective tick control. Here are five reasons why you need professional tick control.

1. Ticks spread dangerous diseases: If you want to limit your exposure to the harmful diseases that ticks spread, you need control solutions you can count on.

2. Ticks often go unnoticed: Because tick bites are typically painless, many people are unaware when they have encountered a tick. Therefore, professional tick control is the only way to ensure your property is tick-free. 

3. Removal of tick-attracting factors: We will identify tick-attracting factors in your yard that you can remedy without the use of pesticides.

4. Treating tick hotspots: We will treat areas that could house ticks with a pesticide that makes these areas uninhabitable for them.

5. Follow-up visits: Depending on your plan, we will follow up to retreat your yard to ensure ticks stay away.

To learn more about our total tick control services in North Reading, MA, contact us here at Mosquito Busters today.

What Brings Ticks To Backyards In North Reading?

Given the number of harmful diseases ticks can spread, many property owners wonder what exactly it is that brings ticks into their yards. The truth is, several factors attract ticks to a yard. Furthermore, some factors attract tick-carrying wildlife. To make your yard less hospitable to ticks, you need to address both of these. Factors that attract ticks and tick-carrying wildlife.

  • Unkempt lawn or overgrown vegetation: Ticks like to hide in tall grass and dense vegetation where they can wait for hosts to pass by.

  • Wooded areas: Densely wooded areas are great places for ticks to live.

  • Food availability: Many tick-carrying animals will enter yards due to the availability of food such as exposed trash, dirty dining spaces, or exposed vegetable gardens.

To ensure your yard is safe from ticks, you need to address these factors that might attract them. You should also partner with the professionals here at Mosquito Busters for all of your tick control needs.

Learn more about our all-natural pest management products for North Reading infestations.


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