Traditional Mosquito Control In Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Making Your Massachusetts Or New Hampshire Yard Enjoyable Again

New England summers are hard to beat. It gets hot, but not too hot for too long, and the evenings almost always cool off just enough to be as close to perfect as can be. Plus, our long, cold winters help us enjoy our summers more because we know they won't last forever.

However, it can be hard to enjoy summer when your yard is full of mosquitoes. Just as the sun starts to set, you get home from work, and the temperature is just right for spending time in your backyard, the mosquitoes come out in droves. You can stay outside to try to relax, but you're likely to end up with dozens of itchy bites, some of which could cause illness.

If you're sick of fighting mosquitoes for control of your Peabody, Massachusetts or Derry, New Hampshire yard, it's time to call Mosquito Busters. We are experts on mosquito biology and behavior and offer professional mosquito control services that will let you get back outside again without having to fight with pesky, biting insects. Tick control is included at no additional cost for mosquito control customers.

For more information about mosquito control in Massachusetts check out this bulletin from the Department of Agricultural Resources.

Mosquito Control From Mosquito Busters

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It begins with one of our Mosquito Busters coming out to inspect your yard for key mosquito breeding areas and resting spots. We'll look at shrubs, fences, wooded areas, shade, swampy land, areas under decks, and ornamental plants that offer cool, dark spaces between their leaves.

Our Buster will also point out places where you're collecting water (like garden watering cans, wheelbarrows, and recycling containers) because they're like hotel pools in the mosquito world. Adult female mosquitoes are drawn to them because they provide the standing water necessary to lay and hatch eggs. By emptying these areas of water, you can help reduce the mosquito populations on your property.

The next step in our mosquito control process is to apply one of our proven mosquito control methods to create a barrier around your yard, reducing the mosquito's desire to reproduce or hang out on your property. This process will also take care of any existing larvae (yuck!) so that new mosquitoes don't hatch just a few days after treatment. We offer traditional and all-natural treatment methods and will discuss the benefits of each so that you can make the right choice for your property.

Finally, we will treat standing water with BTI, a bacteria that infects and kills only mosquito larvae and their close relatives like gnats and black flies. BTI does not harm other kinds of insects, fish, birds, worms, or any mammals, but we can skip this part if you prefer not to use it.

Follow-up treatments performed every three weeks during mosquito season will keep your yard a pleasant and healthier place to spend time all summer long.

Special Event Mosquito & Tick Control

Peak mosquito season is also peak outdoor party season.  To keep away uninvited guests from ruining your celebration we offer Special Event Mosquito and Tick Control.  Whether it's a backyard party, wedding, graduation, we want to make sure your celebration is enjoyed by all.

After a complete inspection of the event area, Mosquito Busters will apply a barrier treatment to problem areas where mosquitoes live and breed.  We also will  treat standing water with insect growth regulators (MA only)

  1. Call Mosquito Busters for a free quote
  2. 24-36 hours prior to the event
  3. Free tick control is included with any Special Event service
  4. Insured and licensed staff

Effective Mosquito Control Done The Right Way

The bottom line is, our Busters will do a thorough job to identify your risks for infestations, educate you on discouraging these pesky visitors between treatments, and apply the treatment that is best for your yard. Contact us today to request your mosquito control quote.

*Pesticides will not completely eliminate the mosquito population on a treated property, but will dramatically reduce their numbers. Effective mosquito control requires treatments every three weeks.

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