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Located on the Atlantic, less than five miles from Boston’s urban inner core, Lynn has all the benefits of city living while still maintaining plenty of green spaces. Nothing loves fresh, humid air and lots of people quite like mosquitoes. Luckily for residents of Lynn, Mosquito Busters is ready to service yards in Lynn and all over Massachusetts. With specialized technicians and our own resident entomologist, we are ready to take on mosquitoes and other pests before they become a nuisance in your yard or home.

How To Identify Lone Star Ticks In Lynn, MA

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With a name like “Lone star,” it’s easy to assume there should be no issues identifying it. But — as with all things tick-related — it’s just not that simple. Lone star ticks do get their name from the single silver-white spot on the female's back. These arachnids are otherwise reddish-brown and become slate gray when engorged. Females can grow up to 1/4 inch un-engorged and as much as 1/2 inch after a meal. Males of the species are smaller and have several horseshoe-shaped spots along their backs rather than a single dot.

Lone star ticks attack humans more often than any other species in the eastern and southeastern United States. Keep yourself and your property protected with help from Mosquito Busters by calling today.

How To Control Ticks On Dogs In Lynn, MA

Quite possibly the scariest small pest you’ll ever find in Lynn is the tick. These blood-feeding pests have been responsible for an astounding number of diseases being spread. The more we learn about these pests, the more dangerous they seem. To limit your exposure to all kinds of disease and control ticks on your property you’ll need to do two things. First, identify the non-pesticide methods you can use to discourage ticks from settling on your property. Next, you’ll need to treat areas of your yard that are likely to be hiding tick populations. Follow-up for these treatments will be crucial for success.

Another way to stop ticks from getting into your home is to pay close attention to your pets. Work with your vet to find a prevention method that works best and make sure to check your animals as they come in from outside, removing ticks immediately if any are found.

If prevention methods fall short, Mosquito Busters is ready to help. We can set up a service plan and reduce the tick habitat in your yard. Call today to learn more about how we can keep your property free of ticks with our tick control services.

All The Ways Mosquitoes Are Attracted To Lynn Properties

Mosquitoes are really simple creatures, when you think about it. All they’re looking for is a little water, some shelter, and plenty of people to feed on. Obviously, we can’t disappear to avoid a mosquito bite, but we can limit the other two main attractions on our Lynn properties.

Mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs. One of the best ways to deter them from settling in on your property is to limit access to this essential source. Check for places where water accumulates after rain such as in wheelbarrows, clogged gutters, pools and hot tubs, birdbaths, and even toys. Wherever you find standing water, make a plan to allow it to drain in the future.

The other thing mosquitoes are looking for is some nice shaded spots to rest while they await their next meal. To make sure your home isn’t laying out the welcome mat for passing mosquitoes, it’s important to keep your landscaping maintained on a regular basis. Keep your lawn mowed and bushes trimmed to limit resting places for mosquitoes.

If mosquitoes have already made themselves at home on your property, reach out to Mosquito Busters today. We will identify your risk factors, educate you on how to better discourage them, and apply the treatment that will work best for your situation. Call today to find out more about our mosquito control services.

Why Are All-Natural Products Important for Residential Mosquito Control In Lynn?

If you’ve ever been out at dusk on a summer night, you know that you could apply layer after layer of bug spray and still not escape the obnoxious buzz of mosquito wings. And who wants to breathe in all those fumes? For those who want to maintain a green lifestyle while still keeping away ticks and mosquitoes, all-natural products could be the answer. While they may need a more frequent application, these products provide an option with little to no risk to family, pets, or the environment. Call today to find out about all of the options Mosquito Busters has to offer.


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