Lonestar Ticks

What are lone star ticks?

Lone star ticks are well-known in the southeastern portion of the United States but have made their way up the East Coast and now live throughout New England. These ticks can grow to about one-half an inch in length and are a brown color with a bright white spot on their back. When engorged with blood, they turn a more slate gray. The lone star tick's sole source of food, like other ectoparasites, is the warm-blooded animal blood.

a lonestar tick on human skin

Are lone star ticks dangerous?

Ticks transmit diseases to people and animals, and the lone star tick is no exception. They are most well-known for transmitting STARI (Southern Tick-Associated Rash). Symptoms of STARI include a rash, fever, muscle pain, and weakness. Limiting your contact with lone star ticks and other species of ticks is important to you and your family's health and safety. We can help you keep ticks away from your Merrimac, MA property.

Why do I have a lone star tick problem?

Lone star ticks travel with their hosts. Wild animals or stray pets are the most likely reason lone star ticks find their way to a property. As they move across and out of your yard, they leave behind ticks as an unwanted parting gift.

It is also common for people and their pets to bring ticks back to their yard after spending time in outdoor spaces infested with ticks. The more rural an area you live in, the more likely you will experience problems with lone star ticks.

Where will I find lone star ticks?

Lone star ticks are most problematic in rural areas and often found on large animals, including livestock. You'll find these ticks in wooded areas and fields and the vegetation around homes and buildings. Like other ticks, lone star ticks do not thrive in indoor spaces and are most problematic in our yards.

How do I get rid of lone star ticks?

Ticks are a huge concern for property owners in New England as they, unfortunately, thrive in our region. Partner with Mosquito Busters to keep your property protected from lone star ticks and other outdoor pests. With our help, you will be able to enjoy your backyard without the worry of being bitten by ticks. Through our affordable and effective tick control methods and the help of our specially trained technicians, you can significantly reduce your contact with ticks. To learn more about our reliable tick control services in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, give us a call today!

How can I prevent lone star ticks in the future?

As well as partnering with Mosquitoes Busters, the following prevention tips will help you avoid contact with lone star ticks.

  • After walking outside or spending time in wooded areas, always check yourself and your pets carefully for ticks.

  • When walking on wooded trails, always stay at the center of the path.

  • Keep the grass in your yard short. 

  • Remove piles of grass or leaves from your yards where ticks like to hide. 

  • Cut tall grass back away from fence lines, porch steps, and the foundation of your home.

  • Place your pets on a tick preventative program under the guidance of their veterinarian.

  • Create a barrier between any wooded areas or fields and your yard. 

  • Regularly harvest garden areas to make your yard less attractive to foraging wild animals.

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