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Effective Pest Control In Londonderry, NH

The town of Londonderry is as picturesque as quaint New England communities come. It provides residents with access to numerous hiking trails, a good public school system, and local businesses like taverns and gift shops. Londonderry’s location also makes getting to Portsmouth and Boston in approximately an hour very easy. Being part of the region also means seasonal conditions like moderate springs and humid summers, both of which can leave homeowners with significant mosquito and tick populations.

At Mosquito Busters, we work with Londonderry’s residents to bring them complete relief from two of the most pervasive seasonal pests around. Our company was founded by an associate certified entomologist, so the treatments that we put into place are proven. Every service that we offer is designed to be affordable and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. For more information on effective mosquito and tick control in Rockingham County, contact Mosquito Busters today. 

Residential Mosquito Control In Londonderry

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If you’ve ever tried to enjoy your Londonderry yard between the months of March and October only to be bitten up by mosquitoes, you’re not alone. During this time, the female mosquito is looking for the human blood that she requires in order to reproduce and she’ll do anything to acquire it. At Mosquito Busters, we are determined to stop this process. We proudly provide homeowners with both traditional and all-natural approaches to mosquito control, both of which we guarantee. In addition to seasonal mosquito services, we also offer homeowners special event applications that typically take place within 36 hours of your event. This way, you can host a graduation party or baby shower without the annoyance of mosquitoes. All of the services that we provide at Mosquito Busters are designed to be affordable so that you don’t have to scratch your way through summer. To learn more about keeping mosquitoes off of your property, contact us today.

Residential Tick Control In Londonderry

Ticks are some of the scariest pests in the Londonderry area not only because of the health risks that they’re associated with but also because there’s no way of telling how dangerous they are simply by looking at them. Even if you take all the precautions to control a tick infestation, they can still hitch a ride home with you. At Mosquito Busters, we know that tick populations can appear on your property seemingly overnight. Whether your pooch brought them back from the dog park, there’s a rodent infestation around your home, or your property has conditions that are conducive to ticks, we can help.

To get started, our highly trained technicians will come and inspect your property in order to understand how ticks are interacting with your yard. From there, we work with homeowners to provide education on immediate actions they can take to reduce tick populations, as well as apply pesticide treatments to “hot areas” to disrupt the life cycle. Our traditional treatments are applied three times during the season while our all-natural options require monthly visits. To learn more about residential tick control, contact us today. 

How Dangerous Are Black-Legged Deer Ticks Around My Londonderry Home?

The black-legged deer tick is one of the most prominent species of tick around the Londonderry area, and one that you might encounter on your own property. They are usually light brown with cream-colored markings on their backs and resemble an appleseed in shape. While the black-legged deer tick is associated with Lyme diseases, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis, not every black-legged deer tick is going to be a carrier of the pathogens that cause these health risks. Anywhere up to 50% of these ticks could be carriers. Nonetheless, they should still be taken seriously on the chance that they are carrying harmful pathogens 
At Mosquito Busters, we work with homeowners to provide seasonal protection from all kinds of ticks, black-legged deer ticks included. We perform a detailed property inspection to begin as well as a brief education on how homeowners can take their own steps in limiting tick activity on their properties. From there, we can either apply our traditional treatments three times during the season or return on a monthly basis with our all-natural products. Either way, your home will be protected from black-legged deer ticks and the dangers that they potentially pose. For more information on tick prevention, contact Mosquito Busters today. 

Can Aedes Sollicitans Mosquitoes Spread Disease In Londonderry? 

The Aedes Sollicitans mosquito, otherwise known as the Eastern saltmarsh mosquito, is a very popular species in the Londonderry area and around other parts of New England. This mosquito is most notable for its white and black-striped appendages. They are also regarded as one of the more aggressive biters around as well. This species is, however, more than a nuisance, with their association with Eastern equine encephalitis and dog heartworm.

At Mosquito Busters, it’s our mission to keep Londonderry residents safe from mosquitoes no matter what species they may be. During peak mosquito season, we provide both traditional and all-natural treatments that are guaranteed to work. We create a barrier around properties that addresses adult populations as well as larvae and then we treat standing water to prevent breeding in these places. Mosquito treatments are applied every three weeks in order to keep pests from returning. For more information on mosquito control, contact Mosquito Busters today. 


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