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Founded in 1638, Exeter, New Hampshire is one of the oldest cities in the entire United States! Roughly 15,000 people currently work, play, and live within the city's borders, and live in neighborhoods that include Hampton Falls, Epping, and Brentwood. Some fascinating landmarks are centered within this growing municipality, including the American Independence Museum, the Exeter Municipal Church, and the Exeter Historical Society & Museum. If you are planning on passing by this mid-sized Rockingham County staple, why don’t you stop in for a spell?

Tourists and nearby travelers love spending time in Exeter, thanks to its centralized location and lovely historic areas. However, humans aren’t the only living things that choose to stop by Exeter. Dangerous pest species outnumber humans by 10 to 1 and are rapidly encroaching on the area. Wood-eating pests like termites gradually eat away at homes, businesses, and wooden objects. Disease-spreading animals like cockroaches quickly stir up trouble in homes and local restaurants. Worse, rodents such as rats and mice can significantly impact the local’s quality of life.

Exeter residents have been looking for quality pest protection since the town was first established. The team at Mosquito Busters is gladly serving home and business owners with years of reputable pest control experience. We make it our mission to treat clients as though they were family, driving away insects, mammals, and wildlife creatures as quickly as possible. Learn more about what Mosquito Busters can do by contacting our Exeter branch. 

Residential Mosquito Control In Exeter, NH

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It may be difficult to overcome residential mosquito concerns alone, especially in Exeter, NH. Once these bugs have found their way into your lawn, it may be extremely difficult to get them back out again. Worse still, these lingering pests may have the opportunity to affect you, your loved ones, or the property you love most.

The residential mosquito control options provided by Mosquito Busters are adapted to meet the needs of all Exeter homeowners. We provide both traditional and natural treatments to control growing populations and establish an ongoing relationship with all our clients.

Every time you receive a mosquito treatment from our team, you can expect:

  • Timely services  
  • Extensive follow-up treatments  
  • Helpful tools, tricks, and tips  
  • 100% service guarantee

Secure your home with the quality work of Mosquito Busters. Call today to set up your first appointment.

Residential Tick Control In Exeter, NH

Hundreds of different tick species are located around Exeter city, many of which endanger the health and wellness of the homeowners they infest. With years of experience in the industry, the Mosquito Busters now has a loyal following of homeowners from all over Exeter, trusting our team with every aspect of their tick control and protection. From inspection and mitigation to active pest elimination, the Mosquito Busters can do it all!

We have experience removing ticks using the following techniques: 

  • Seasonal abatements
  • Spray services
  • Integrated pest management programs
  • Traditional and all-natural treatments
  • Low toxicity tick alternatives

Don’t see your tick control needs on our list? The Mosquito Busters are still ready to help you! Get a free quote for your residential tick control plan by contacting our representatives online. Someone will be connecting with you shortly.

How Dangerous Is The American Dog Tick In Exeter?

Of all the tick species found here in Exeter, the American Dog Tick may perhaps be the most feared of all. Below are just a few of the dangers commonly associated with this pest:

  • The spread of serious illnesses, including Lyme Disease and fever-borne arthritis
  • Allergic reactions or swelling
  • Dangerous effects to pet health and wellness

If you think or know that American Dog Ticks are near your Exeter home, you will need to contact a reputable pest control company right away. The team at Mosquito Busters is ready to respond to your call at any time.

Everything Exeter Residents Need To Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are perhaps the most disliked pests in all of Exeter. Not only are they despised for their itchy and swollen bites, but for their ability to spread serious disease and illness which can add additional stress to already frightened homeowners.

Although there are many species of mosquito found in the United States, there are only a few commonly seen in Exeter. These include:

  • Aedes vexans
  • Coquillettidia perturbans
  • Culex pipiens
  • Culex salinarius
  • Culiseta melanura
  • Ochlerotatus canadensis
  • Ochlerotatus japonicus
  • Ochlerotatus solicitous

If you do notice a high mosquito population within your outdoor space, it would be best to contact a pest control company like Mosquito Busters to conduct a thorough inspection. Call us today to set up an initial appointment, or submit an online contact form to receive a free quote. We are ready to jump into action at a time convenient to you! 


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