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Local Andover, MA Mosquito Control Experts

At Mosquito Busters, we offer comprehensive extermination services for local homes and businesses that quickly target mosquitoes in Southern New Hampshire, Andover, MA and the surrounding areas. Offering professional mosquito reduction services, when you partner with our locally owned and operated pest control company, you can say goodbye to your mosquito problems, guaranteed!

Our Effective Mosquito Control Process

Have mosquitoes taken over your Andover, MA yard? If they are causing problems on your property, our professional barrier treatments are the perfect solution! For effective mosquito management near you, consider our Mosquito Buster Perimeter Barrier approach for proven protection against Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire mosquitoes.

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Our mosquito treatment begins with an inspection of your property for key breeding areas. This includes shrubs, fences, wooded areas, shade, swampy land, under decks, and ornamental plants that offer cool dark places. Standing water is a major attractant of mosquitoes so we will be sure to point those areas out to you as well.

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Our mosquito buster will apply one of our proven methods of mosquito control to create a barrier around your yard to discourage mosquitoes from hanging around and reproducing. Our treatment will also handle any existing larva so new mosquitoes will not hatch. Next, we'll use a bacteria, BTI, which infects and kills only mosquito larvae, gnats, and black flies.

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For effective mosquito control, our professionals will return and retreat every 3 weeks with our traditional treatment and every 2 weeks with our natural treatment option. Our mosquito busters will help you dramatically reduce the number of mosquitos around your property so you can finally enjoy your yard! Contact us today for all the details.

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