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The town of Danville is known for its quaint New England vibes, close proximity to nature, and high quality of life. There are very good public schools in the area as well as a selection of locally-owned businesses, and the town is also closely located to both Portsmouth and Boston for an extra dose of adventure. This idyllic town is, however, riddled with mosquito and tick problems for a significant part of the year.

At Mosquito Busters, we are experts on pest behavior and we were founded by an Associate Certified Entomologist. Our reliable Rockingham County pest control is designed to be safe for everyone in your home as well as the environment. In addition to the traditional methods that we provide, we also have all-natural products for customers who desire them. All of our services are affordable so that you never have to put your well-being at risk and all of our work is guaranteed. For more information on keeping mosquitoes and ticks off of your property, contact us today.

Residential Mosquito Control In Danville

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For Danville homeowners, it isn’t summer without the possibility of mosquito encounters, but unfortunately, sometimes these can be a nuisance or even downright dangerous. At Mosquito Busters, we work with homeowners to provide mosquito protection that lasts. Our team works to identify all of the trouble areas around your property while simultaneously working with you to identify the small steps that you can take on a daily basis to deter mosquitoes. Once we’ve located these trouble areas, we create a barrier around your property by applying either a traditional or all-natural treatment; it’s your choice. We’ll also treat standing water with growth regulators that even get rid of larvae.

In addition to ongoing mosquito control, we offer one-time services for occasions like graduations, baby showers, and family gatherings. We typically recommend treating your yard 24 to 36 hours before an event and we use hot-spot targeting to do so. For the most trusted residential mosquito control in the area, contact us today. 

Residential Tick Control In Danville

As one of the most feared pests in Danville and across the country, ticks have earned themselves quite the reputation. These tiny parasites look to feed off of animals and humans alike and can cause serious health risks in the process. Keeping them off of your property can be a tall task because of how easily they spread, which is why Mosquito Busters is here to help. We provide residents with effective and lasting protection from ticks on a seasonal basis.

In order to keep ticks off of your property, we implement a two-step process, which begins with the non-pesticide steps that you can take to deter ticks from your land. We work to educate homeowners on pest biology and habits during this step. From there, we treat hot spots around your yard approximately three times throughout the season. We also provide all-natural products for customers that are applied every three weeks for continued protection. To learn more about reliable residential tick control, contact us today. 

What Is Causing All These Aedes Vexans Mosquitoes In Danville? 

Mosquito season in Danville can be brutal, with an abundance of Aedes vexans mosquitoes fluttering around the area. They are a light brown color and have striped abdomens and are one of the most prevalent species that you can encounter. This type of mosquito is typically drawn to properties because of a series of conditions that include collections of standing water, shaded areas, and the presence of people. Things like leaf piles, overhanging trees, areas of brush, kiddie pools that have been sitting out, and even outdoor gear that’s been sitting around, collecting water are enough to draw the Aedes vexans to a home. While they don’t transmit any serious health risks, they bite constantly.

In order to keep these pests from becoming a problem, Mosquito Busters is here to help. Our mosquito control process addresses all species including the floodwater mosquito and is built to address all life cycles. For more information on these services, contact us today. 

What To Do If Bitten By An American Dog Tick In Danville

American dog ticks are a very prevalent issue in Danville between the months of March and October and make life difficult for locals. Both the male and female are a reddish-brown color and have white markings along their backs while resembling an apple seed. This particular species of tick is associated with the spread of tularemia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which can be very dangerous for people and their pets. Because adults and their nymphs are both capable of causing serious risks, if you’re bitten by one, it’s very important to monitor yourself for a series of side effects and potentially seek professional medical advice. Some of the signs to look for include fever, nausea, headache, stomach pain, muscle pain, rashes, diarrhea, skin ulcers, and painful lymph glands. At Mosquito Busters, we provide homeowners with seasonal tick control that will keep you protected from dangers like these. Contact us today for more information on our services.


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