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There are a lot of things that set Danvers, MA, apart. From their nickname as 'Oniontown' to their motto of "The King Unwilling," this city greatly separates itself from others townships in Essex County. Danvers was initially known as Salem Village, which became famous for the Salem witch trials in 1692. The subject of countless books, movies, and poems, Salem is a place that continues to fascinate residents and tourists to this day.

Most people believe that there is no foul magic at play in Danvers. However, those who are suffering from pest infestations would have to disagree. The number of insects, mosquitoes, and ticks in Danvers is staggeringly high, and they often infiltrate homes and businesses around the area. Unless you address these creatures quickly and with professional-strength products, their presence may greatly dampen your quality of life.

New England has a special and particular need for pest control, and the team at Mosquito Busters is perfectly equipped to handle it all. We are a unique company that focuses on eliminating the area's greatest pest menaces, including American dog ticks, lone star ticks, and various species of mosquitoes. Send us an online contact form to connect with our service team today.

Three Reasons To Invest In Pro Mosquito Control In Danvers

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No matter if you own a home or a commercial business, you understand the importance of effective mosquito control for your Danvers property. Not only are mosquitoes dangerous disease vectors, but they can significantly reduce your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Here are three reasons why investing in professional mosquito control is always the right call:

1. Professional mosquito control is much more cost-effective than DIY techniques. Not only does it add more time to your day, but it will always get the job done right. 

2. DIY techniques can be difficult to do more than once, especially on a busy schedule. With professional mosquito control, all you need to do is invest and forget! 

3. The vast majority of DIY mosquito control is dangerous or harmful to humans. Professional mosquito control products protect everything you love, eliminating pests without jeopardizing your safety. 

Get an initial mosquito inspection of your Danvers property when you contact the service technicians at Mosquito Busters now. We are ready and waiting to get started on solutions just for you.

Tick Control: What Danvers Homeowners Ought To Know 

Some pests in Danvers can only be mitigated and not eliminated. Pests like ticks fall heavily into the category. Present in nearly every backyard, ticks are a force to be reckoned with if their numbers are high enough. A single bite from a tick can result in relapsing fevers, muscle pain, joint swelling, and so much more. But there is a lot more about Danvers ticks that homeowners should keep in mind. 

There are three important things that Danvers homeowners should know about tick control in their area: 

1. There are several species of dangerous ticks located on the East Coast. You'll find at least three of them in Danvers.

2. Lyme disease, an illness spread by ticks, is a significant health concern. Late-stage infections lead to chronic illnesses and pain.

3. Ticks don't just affect humans, but cats, dogs, and other backyard animals as well. 

Mosquito Busters is proud to be a part of your pest control plan, providing solutions since the beginning. Protect your family with the best tick control solutions in Danvers, MA. Call us today!

How Dangerous Are The American Dog Ticks In Danvers?

If you think mosquitoes are dangerous, just wait until you hear about American dog ticks! These flat-bodied and teardrop-shaped pests deliver a potent cocktail of parasite eggs, bacteria, and viruses through their bites. Just as with mosquitoes, not every tick bite will result in infection; however, they still have a high chance of transmitting pathogens.

Some illnesses transmitted by American dog ticks include:

  • Canine ehrlichiosis 

  • Anaplasma 

  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever 

  • Babesiosis

Complete a thorough tick inspection with Mosquito Busters to ensure your ongoing safety.

Danvers' Guide To Identifying & Removing Lone Star Ticks

Due to their many dangers, homeowners in Danvers need all the tools they can get for identifying and removing lone star ticks. This species of pest can be easily identified by:

  • Their eight black colored legs 

  • Their dark brown or black exoskeletons 

  • The white dot on their abdomens

If a lone star tick has embedded itself into your skin, adhere to the following procedure:

1. Sterilize the area on and around the tick with alcohol.

2. Using tweezers, grasp as close to the tick's head as possible. 

3. Gently pull up and away from the skin with the tick firmly held in the tweezers. 

4. Place the tick into a jar of alcohol to kill it. 

5. Keep the tick in a sealed plastic bag for 7 to 14 days in case you experience any symptoms. 

Don't wait for lone star ticks to come to you. Instead, eliminate them from the get-go with tick control from Mosquito Busters.

Learn more about our all-natural pest management products for Danvers' infestations.


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