Mosquito Season Has Returned To Merrimac

June 15, 2022

Summer is here, so you’re probably looking forward to all of the great activities that come along with warmer weather. But, while spending time outdoors is enjoyable, it’s not just the people that like having fun in the sun. Many pests in the area become more active in the warmer months, and some of these pests are even dangerous.

One of the most notorious is the pesky mosquito. These flying insects reproduce in the summer, so they emerge in droves as the weather heats up. Most people hate mosquitoes because of the itchy bites they inflict, and mosquitoes are also one of the most dangerous pests in Merrimac. Find out more about mosquito control steps to protect yourself from mosquito season.

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Mosquitoes Have Returned - Is Your Merrimac Home Prepared?

Mosquitoes can be tricky to eliminate because they can be so widespread. They are often in large numbers near rivers or other bodies of water, so even if you do what you can to prevent them around your yard, you might not be able to deter these pests.

In the summer, female mosquitoes drink the blood of humans and animals as they need the extra protein to lay their eggs. But, the male mosquitoes don’t bite and only drink plant nectar. However, while male mosquitoes might not bite, the females are around in large enough numbers to be a genuine concern.

What's Attracting Mosquitoes To My Merrimac Property?

Areas that provide mosquitoes with food, water, and places to reproduce attract them. They are drawn in by standing water around your yard or nearby, and they also prefer areas with lots of shady plants as they rest during the heat of the day. 

Besides these landscaping factors, mosquitoes also tend to show up where light sources are present, especially outside. And, if you're around as dusk approaches, they will congregate near you to try to get a blood meal.

How To Minimize Summer Mosquitoes Around Your Home

Mosquitoes are truthfully hard to prevent completely, but there are at least some steps you can take to make your property a bit less appealing to them. Our team at Mosquito Busters recommends the following mosquito prevention steps:

  • Clean up standing water around your property and ensure that rainwater can drain.
  • Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed often to reduce areas where mosquitoes can rest.
  • Cover hot tubs and pools if possible and keep them clean with cycled water. 
  • Avoid going outside at dusk to protect yourself from bites. 

But, the only accurate and effective way to prevent and eradicate mosquitoes in Merrimac is to contact professionals.

Call Mosquito Busters Now For Professional Mosquito Services In Merrimac

Are you tired of getting bitten by mosquitoes? Do you want to protect yourself from potential illnesses like the West Nile virus? If so, give us a call at Mosquito Busters to learn more about Merrimac pest control services for these pesky pests. We will reduce the number of mosquitoes around your yard and prevent further infestation. Contact us now for a quote.

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