How To Prepare For Mosquito Season In Merrimac

April 15, 2022

Mosquitoes are winged insects that belong to the order Diptera. Mosquitoes are a unique type of fly because they have scales on their wings, and females are equipped with mouthparts that allow for consuming the blood of hosts, including animals and humans. The female mosquito relies on blood consumption to obtain the proteins necessary for laying eggs. 

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Male mosquitoes do not bite and feed on nectar and other plant-based liquids. The females are dangerous creatures because of their ability to spread diseases among their hosts. Mosquitoes are usually most prevalent in years when the winter is mild and significant rainfall occurs during the spring.

Mosquitoes are most problematic during the warm summer months, particularly for those participating in picnics, barbeques, and outdoor recreational activities. Mosquitoes are most active once the sun begins to set in the evening, leaving people with itchy, red bites on their skin.

Merrimac Pest Control

Experienced pest exterminators know how to spray for mosquitoes and can deploy a variety of things that repel mosquitoes from the area.  Professional pest controllers understand seasonal changes, which are important factors that influence when and where do mosquitoes lay eggs.

Things Mosquitoes Are Attracted To

What attracts mosquitoes to humans? The carbon dioxide that humans emit is very attractive to female mosquitoes. These pests can also detect the heat and odors that we emit. Some studies have also suggested that mosquitoes are drawn to those wearing strong fragrances and people who have consumed alcoholic beverages.

How do mosquitoes lay eggs? The female mosquitoes deposit their eggs in pools of standing water. The eggs eventually hatch, and these creatures develop through phases as larvae and pupa before reaching adulthood. Most mosquito species remain in the same vicinity for the duration of their lives.

5 Prevention Tips For Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

There are various preventative measures that can be used to limit mosquitoes, including:

  1. Remove any containers that can hold water, such as kiddie pools, tires, pots, etc.
  2. Regularly change the water in birdbaths to expel any eggs that might be developing
  3. Keep gutters and downspouts clear of any debris that may impede the ability to route water away from the structure.
  4. Limit the use of bright exterior lighting in the summer months that tend to attract these pests. Consider replacing the bulbs in these fixtures with the yellowish LED bulbs that have proven less attractive to flying insects.
  5. Some types of herbs and plants may repel mosquitoes, including citronella, lemongrass, and chrysanthemum.

Why Mosquitoes Are Dangerous

Mosquitoes are vectors that can spread a host of concerns, including the West Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, and more. During the summer, people who will be outdoors should wear full-length clothes and apply an EPA-approved insect repellant to reduce the likelihood of being bitten.

How Mosquito Pest Control Works

The team of experts with Mosquito Busters has obtained the necessary certifications required by the U.S. EPA and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources to use pesticides that effectively limit the population of mosquitoes.

One of our most popular services is designed to limit the presence of mosquitoes on the properties of those that are hosting special events. We commonly offer these services for those holding a wedding, graduation, or other outdoor gatherings.

Local Pest Control Experts

Seasoned professionals recognize what attracts mosquitoes to humans, how to spray for mosquitoes using many of the latest available products, and things that repel mosquitoes. Mosquito Busters is a pest control company that specializes in mosquito and tick control.

We will deploy a technician to the property to perform a detailed inspection and propose a treatment plan. Please contact our office today. 

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