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Keeping Mosquitoes & Ticks Out Of Andover Yards

Twinned with its namesake of Andover in the UK, the growing village of Andover, is a popular bedroom community in the Massachusetts metro area. While it may not look like it, the city was established as early as 1642 by intrepid settlers in the New World. They may not have known it then, but these colonists would become an important part of the northern East Coast history.

Andover settlers brought many things to early America, including unique agricultural techniques, honeybees, and architectural influences. However, they were not prepared to face the unique fauna challenges of North America, including pest infestations. Not only are pests a huge part of life in Andover, but they can keep home and business owners from living the lives they want to lead.

The team at Mosquito Busters believes that no one should have their life negatively impacted by some of the more dangerous pests innovating new ways to stay safe in the 21st century and beyond. Protect your home with the tips, tools, and tech you need in the fight against mosquitoes and ticks of all kinds. By getting in touch with our pros online, you can secure your place on the Mosquito Busters service roster. Want more immediate help? Call our Andover branch to speak with a technician today.

The Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control In Andover

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Of all the pest species found in Andover, perhaps the worst of all are mosquitoes. Not only do these pests consume human blood and leave itchy bumps behind, but they can also spread some of the most serious illnesses in the pest world.

Here are some reasons why investing in professional mosquito control in Andover, MA is always worth the time and effort:

  • Professional mosquito control is get-and-forget, meaning that you will never have to remember to treat, prep, or care about mosquitoes on your own. 

  • Professional mosquito control is extremely cost-efficient. Instead of buying your own materials and accompanying labor costs, professional control is one all-inclusive price. 

  • While many other over-the-counter sprays are dangerous or toxic to homeowners, professional control measures are both safe and environmentally friendly to the Andover area. 

Get signed up for professional mosquito abatement programs with Mosquito Busters today.

The Dangers Of Aedes Vexans Mosquitoes In Your Andover Yard

Of all the mosquito species found in Andover, the Aedes vexans is arguably the most dangerous one of all. These creatures are referred to by locals as the inland floodwater mosquito, tomguito, or cosmopolitan mosquitoes. Make no mistake – these are not pests to keep around longer than necessary.

Aedes vexans mosquitoes pose many dangers such as:

  • The spread of dog heartworm, deadly rabbit disease (myxomatosis), and swelling of the brain. 

  • Itchy bites that make being outside extremely uncomfortable. 

  • Secondary infections from scratching or bleeding. 

To protect those you love from the effects of the Aedes vexans, call the Andover branch of Mosquito Busters today. 

The Benefits Of Pro Tick Control In Andover

Ticks are fairly commonplace around yards in Andover. While they may seem easier at first, investing in DIY techniques is less effective at keeping populations down. Pro tick control is a necessary investment for all Andover residents and yard types, providing:

  • Immediate results 

  • Eco-friendly chemical barriers 

  • Cost-effective elimination assistance

Mosquito Busters makes it easy to make the switch to professional tick control. Not only do we provide assistance and follow-up visits, but we continue to ensure your ongoing protection with emergency services between visits. Give us a call today to schedule effective tick control services in Andover, MA.

Four Ways To Control Ticks In Andover, MA

Ticks have a way of putting us all on edge. While not every tick bite can or will result in the spread of diseases, the threat is always present. Various species, including the lone star tick, the dog tick, and the deer tick, are rising in number around residential lawns and gardens. In order to keep them out, you'll need proper control measures.

Here's how Mosquito Busters suggests Andover homeowners control their backyard ticks:

1. Cut grass once a week during peak season. Do not let it grow beyond a manageable length. 

2. Store all firewood logs at least 25 feet away from your house. 

3. Create a stone perimeter between rows of trees and your property to discourage ticks from migrating too close to the house. 

4. Don't grow too much vegetation close to the sides of your house. 

If ticks continue to be a problem for your home, further professional measures will be needed. Andover home and business owners have trusted the team at Mosquito Busters to keep their properties free and clear for many years. Learn more about how we could use tick treatments in your yard by calling Mosquito Busters now.

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