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Misty D.  South Hamilton, MA

Pesticides will not completely eliminate the mosquito population on treated property, but will dramatically reduce their numbers. Effective mosquito control requires treatments every 3 weeks.  

Our most successful mosquito program for homeowners and business. We will send a Freedom Pest expert out to inspect your yard for key breeding areas, pest control and to treat high impact areas including shrubs, fences, under decks, wooded lines, shady areas of lawns, and ornamental plants that have shady areas. where mosquitoes are resting and staying cool. This will create a barrier around your home where mosquitoes rest. 

Alison C.  Andover, MA

Freedom's perimeter barrier approach to treating mosquitoes for Businesses! Running a business is hard enough without trying to control mosquitoes on your own. Let Freedom Pest Control take care of these pests. 

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Freedom Pest Control of Topsfield, MA was established in 1994 specializing in insect extermination, animal removal and exclusion for both commercial and residential customers. President and General Manager, Tom Drapeau, ACE is also the company’s Associate Certified Entomologist. Freedom Pest Control includes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as one of the best pest control strategies in all our services, which uses various complementary methods to address pest problems. 
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